Tuesday, 2 June 2015

War Hurts All, Spread Peace, Walk Tall

Peace? Where's Peace?
Fight for peace?
Wage war?
No peace for the poor!

Who is right?
 Fight for right.
Some wrong, some right.
Fight, fight, fight!
With all your might.

At the end of the tunnel,
 there may be light.
Who's to say?
You are right?

That light;
not bright,
in the eyes;
of those who like to fight.
Entrap young men; rhetoric bate,
murder, hate, a heavy weight.

Honour? Where?
Not there!.
Look in the eyes of Families,
Children... Shed a tear.
See real fear.

Rounds of bullets.
Round and round;
A vicious circle;
The killing ground.

Torture, hurt, Dirt!
Tyrants, Terror, Deceit.
Death raining from the sky's.

Religion, Power, Wealth and Racial  Hate.
Tyrants fall.
War hurts all.
Spread Love, walk tall.

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